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Who are we?

We are Easyfiv MFIs; a team of specialists in reproductive medicine, with a track record of more than 40 years in the field of assisted reproduction and in-vitro fertilization. Our clinic is born from a firm commitment: to facilitate the path to motherhood for women and families who long to start a family.

The IMF Easyfiv management team is made up of two pioneering gynecologists in the Assisted Reproduction sector, with 30 and 40 years of experience respectively, who lead the clinic with an innovative vision in diagnosis and treatment. These professionals have marked significant milestones in the history of reproductive medicine, such as achieving the first pregnancy through IVF in the Community of Madrid in 1985, the first with frozen embryos, and the first with the use of the ICSI technique.

We are also pioneers in research and in the implementation of cutting-edge techniques, such as the use of Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) in assisted reproduction, with the aim of improving the chances of success for our patients.

What makes us special at IMF Easyfiv?

L'infertilità è un problema di salute fin troppo presente nella società odierna, ma i nostri alti tassi di successo testimoniano l'eccellenza e l'innovazione continua e danno luce a tutte quelle coppie che desiderano realizzare il sogno tanto atteso di creare una famiglia.

Ci piace farlo fornendo cure mediche vicine e di alta qualità, guidate da un team di specialisti riconosciuti e supportati da strutture all’avanguardia e da un laboratorio leader nel settore.

Dra. Enriqueta Garijo

Founder and Medical Director

Dr. Federico Galera

Founder, Director and Scientific Director

Dra. Laura García Bernardo

Gynaecologist and assisted reproduction specialist

Dra. Rocio Aracil

Gynaecologist and assisted reproduction specialist

Dra. Azucena Zapata

Gynaecologist and assisted reproduction specialist

Dr. Xavier García-Parra

Gynaecologist and assisted reproduction specialist

Carlos Galera

Administrative Management, Human Resources and Institutional Relations

Lena Miranda

Finance Director

Ester Galera

Patient care and Nursing Direction

Mª Jesús Merchán

Patient care and healthcare administration

Rebeca González

Patient care

Eva Llorens

Patient care

Olvido Postigo

Operating room nurse

Llanos Palacios


Teyu Blanch


Massiel Miranda

Nursing assistant

Patricia Dapena

Madrid Laboratory Director

Cristina Lirola

Barcelona Laboratory Director

Irene Hervás


Francisco Garijo


Victoria García

Biologist and Therapist

4 razones para quedarte en IMF Easyfiv

40 years dedicated to Assisted Reproduction

The clinic management is made up of two gynecologists specialists in Assisted Reproduction with 30 and 40 years of experience in this exciting sector; a medical direction with a great vision of diagnosis and treatment. This is a medical team that achieved great milestones such as the first IVF pregnancy in the Community of Madrid in 1985, the first pregnancy with frozen embryos and the first using the ICSI technique. A team that is also a pioneer in the research and application of innovative techniques such as Platelet Rich Plasma in the ovary and endometrium.

Closeness and humane treatment

The experience of our medical team goes hand in hand with the closeness of our healthcare and patient care team. The trust that our patients place in us is our motivation and we accompany them in a constant and highly personalized way throughout the entire process. For us, transparency is an essential value; We are clear from the moment we deliver the estimate until we make the diagnosis and recommend the best treatment on an individual basis.

State-of-the-art operating room and laboratory

In our assisted reproduction centers we integrate a cutting-edge operating room and laboratory that meet the highest quality and safety standards. In addition to the cutting-edge technology at the heart of our clinics, we have renovated and expanded infrastructure and facilities to offer a beautiful and welcoming environment in both Madrid and Barcelona. In addition, our clinics facilitate access through a strategic location and are very well connected to public transportation.

Commitment to a fair pricing policy

At IMF Easyfiv we are driven by passion, enthusiasm and the desire to bring high-quality reproductive medicine to as many families as possible. We are aware of the economic and emotional effort involved in having to undergo fertility treatment and that is why we strive to offer the latest assisted reproduction techniques and fertility treatments at a fair price, because we believe that motherhood is a right and not a privilege.

Easy payments terms to undertake a fertility treatment at IMF Easyfiv

We want you to fulfill your dream and that´s why we include more facilities so that you can achieve it.

  • We finance your treatment to make you easier to pay it in terms.

  • We collaborate with the main health insurance companies (coverage according to policy. Check special conditions Adeslas).

  • We explain in detail what it is included in each treatment to avoid surprises..

  • Emergency call service is available 24hours

Contact us!

Nos encontrarás disponibles en nuestro teléfono de contacto de 9:00 a 21:00h, en nuestro correo electrónico o en una de nuestras clínicas donde estaremos encantados en conocerte. Atendemos también urgencias las 24h.

914 135 467 info@imf-easyfiv.com

Our fertility clinics

Calle Horaci, 9 - 08022 Barcelona

Calle Horaci, 9 - 08022 Barcelona

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